External gold-digging do-gooders and carpet beggars.

Published on 6 April 2022 at 17:56

While Cymru continues to suffer during this prolonged difficult financial period, our Welsh Government has devised its annual cunning plan; disappointingly, their plan is not to ease poverty or tackle the housing and jobs crisis.

The Welsh Governments solution to these problems is to invite charities and voluntary groups, usually from England, to bid for well-financed projects to tackle inequality and discrimination in Wales. The aim is to support various projects addressing issues like hate crimes and support for marginalised groups.


Welsh traffic police have been put on standby to be dispatched to our border to help stem the flow of external gold-digging do-gooders and carpet beggars rushing to Cardiff to stake their claim on this annual great Welsh giveaway.

However, the most blatant discrimination/hate crime that's most evident in Cymru today is fuelled by colonialism, driven by those with a 'Rule Britannia' mentality. Sadly, this Brit-Nat colonial programme hatched for Wales is ignored and has continued unchallenged by our compliant unionist politicians for centuries.



An organisation should be established, financed by the Welsh Government's annual slush fund, to protect the most endangered and neglected section of our society - the 'indigenous Welsh?'
Unfortunately, any such body would probably be registered and operated from Croydon, Basingstoke or Birmingham.

Although thinking about it, the idea would never get off the ground; anyone wishing to protect Welsh identity by combating colonialism would be seen by those in authority as a hate crime, even if administrated from England.

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