Have we missed the boat?

Published on 31 March 2022 at 21:48

Here’s a thought, now bear with me on this; the formation of a Celtic Nationalist Party to fight the UK elections.


The main aim would be to break up the cartel of a Brit-unionist parliament in Westminster, a political party representing nationalists from all four Celtic nations (I include Kernow) united with the same aims. Cymru, Alba, North of Ireland and Cornwall combined with the same philosophy.

Other aims would be to campaign for the protection of Celtic assets, the protection and promotion of Celtic languages and identity, demand for a fair share of quality affordable and social housing, better infrastructure and transport in our remote rural areas.


Celtic nations all share the same problem known as neglect, for history tells us that Westminster will always prioritise the needs of England above all others, particularly SE England.


Presently, Westminster has a healthy amount of SNP MPs (45), three Plaid and no Sinn Fein because they have a longstanding policy of abstention from Westminster.


Imagine a Celtic nationalist party representing an agreed ideology for the four nations, a solid united front fighting for the needs of the forgotten lands.


Fanciful thinking, perhaps? However, it works for the various unionist parties operating in the UK with their shared philosophy of preserving England’s little empire, even though they have contrasting administrative ideas about the running of the UK.


Now, some people will think this suggestion is a ridiculous idea. However, remember the much-ridiculed UKIP? They achieved their aim by bringing about a referendum that resulted in the UK exiting the EU. Their downfall was trying to continue after such a victory. UKIP had become irrelevant immediately after the referendum.  Mission accomplished!


Of course, any Celtic political party would have to agree on a cohesive strategy that benefits all four nations. It wouldn’t need to be a longstanding organisation; it doesn’t need to be a left, centre or right-winged party, all that will be irrelevant.

Its purpose will be to demand equality in the distribution of wealth, dismantle England’s governed union and deliver Celtic sovereignty.


Now, let us be a little realistic here, the boat has sailed; the plan should have been given some credence by our elders thirty, forty or even fifty years ago.

Yet again, perhaps it was suggested decades ago; maybe there’s a lost document containing such a revolutionary notion gathering dust somewhere?

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