A sign of the times.

Published on 16 March 2022 at 12:32

The poisonous tentacles of colonialism creep into every crevice of Welsh society; it slowly gnaws away at our national identity.


Take this simple noticeboard in Trefdraeth/Newport in Sir Benfro as an example; it offers much more information than was initially intended. Even the casual observer will notice that every poster displayed on this noticeboard; is solely printed in English.


I'm not sure what is more disturbing here, the blatant arrogance of the colonial incomer; or the surrender of any resistance by the indigenous community to preserve its Welsh identity?


The 2011 census tells us there were 42.8% Welsh speakers in Trefdraeth, which is surprising really; when you consider that recent reports estimate that 70% of properties in Trefdraeth and the surrounding area are holiday or second homes.


Most of us will remember the lost village of CWM-YR-EGLWYS, a vanished Welsh community due to the tidal wave of wealthy colonial incomers. Cwm-yr-Eglwys is only about three miles south of Trefdraeth, and unfortunately, the colonial tide is still rising; the warnings are on the noticeboard, and they're all in English.

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