Step up to the plate!

Published on 10 March 2022 at 17:15

In 2000, the National Assembly for Wales voted unanimously to make St. David's Day a public holiday; in December 2021, the UK Government rejected calls for a St David's Day Bank Holiday.
Let's think about this for a moment, a nation's political representatives voted unanimously to celebrate its national identity by having a bank holiday, only to be refused by its neighbour.

How submissive. Why should permission ever be needed from a foreign country, and having received its arrogant reply, why should we obey?
Our Celtic cousins, North of Ireland and Scotland, have their bank holiday to celebrate their identity; without seeking permission from Westminster. So why should Cymru be any different?

Their response is: "The UK government has no plans to change the accepted arrangements for bank holidays in Wales. However, we remain committed to working with the Welsh government to ensure that the UK's institutions work collectively as one United Kingdom."
'As one United Kingdom?' They will graciously grant us an unwanted bank holiday to celebrate their queen's jubilee. What an arrogant colonial decree.

Thankfully some bodies in Cymru reject this conceited statement; there appears to be a growing movement of Welsh bodies who want to give staff time off to mark St David's Day, with Gwynedd County Council leading the way.

We need the Welsh Government to 'step up to the plate and follow the example of Gwynedd County Council and the other Welsh bodies who've rejected the UK Government's decision.

The UK Government intends to suffocate our Welsh identity in any way it can; a colonised Wales is their aim. We must lose this submissive attitude that has cloaked us for generations, and the rebellion must start with our politicians in Cardiff Bay.


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