The Protective Circles.

Published on 5 March 2022 at 17:07

The beginning.

The British monarchy traces its origins from the petty kingdoms of Anglo-Saxon England. Following settlement in the ninth century, the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Wessex emerged as the dominant English kingdom. Alfred the Great secured Wessex, achieved dominance over western Mercia, and acclaimed himself "King of the English".


The inner circle.

To preserve the monarchy and prevent civil strife, English nobility were awarded land and titles for loyalty to the crown; some lords were granted lands in Wales.

Today, new members of the protective circle receive honours without land: Those invited should have influence, such as serving politicians, ex-politicians, members of the unelected House of Lords, the wealthy, senior personnel of the BBC and other media organisations. 


The outer circle.

The English monarchy will also send out invites to sports personalities, celebrities, musicians and the local lollypop lady to disguise any hint of elitism.

There is little doubt that the exclusive English Monarchy would not have survived down through the ages without the specially selected protective circles. 


Sadly, amongst this band of royalists are Welsh citizens from working-class backgrounds, forgetting their roots and accepting a Buck-house gong, thinking it will give them prestige and open doors for them.


Surely it would be more acceptable and valued if Wales honoured their citizens with its own national award rather than accepting it from a detached privileged foreign monarchy with a very bloody history in Cymru.

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