Preserve our Welsh identity.

Published on 1 March 2022 at 16:22

The problem in Cymru is that many Welsh Town/Community councils support the monarchy because they've become colonised by incomers who sit on the 'council'; it's our fault for not contesting the seats and ousting them. Some councils are already preparing for the forthcoming Queen's Jubilee; Llandeilo Town Council and its jubilee committee erected special union jack jubilee flags along the high street the day before St Davis's Day. After receiving complaints from some residents, they replied that it was a 'democratic decision'.

It may not be such a 'democratic decision' about flying Jubilee flags when a Jubilee committee suggested it.

They've now agreed to take them down but warned that 'they'll be replaced' nearer the Jubilee date.


An ideal place to preserve our Welsh identity and shun colonialism starts within our community; enquire who is on your local council, and who are these people making decisions for your area?

Some of these councillors will be recent incomers with no connection to the area other than recently moving in; many will be bored retirees looking for something valuable to do with their time.

There is nothing wrong with contributing to their community; it is a noble thing to do. However, the problem starts when some councillors develop colonial tendencies, either deliberately or unconsciously, such as proposals and actions viewed as alien to the community, as in Llandeilo Town.


If you're concerned about the direction and some decisions your local council have taken, consider joining your Town/Community council and contest from within. Alternatively, you can be vocal in your criticism from the outside but never-ever stay silent.


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