Get Ready!

Published on 28 February 2022 at 16:39

Get ready for a barrage of royalist propaganda organised by the British Establishment in the coming months.
A very vocal royalist minority, whipped up into a frenzy by the Brit-run media, will assume that Welsh communities will join the Queens Jubilee celebrations.

Welsh republicans know that the information pumped out by royalist supporters are falsehoods in a desperate attempt to preserve a decaying institution. Their claims that the monarchy is good for tourism and stability are nonsense as it has no relevance to Wales.

Reading the papers, you would conclude that most Welsh people support and hold an unlimited affection for the English monarchy. Their claim is utter 'baloney', those in the upper echelons of the media are part of the corrupt Brit-Establishment, and they have to distribute royalist drivel, remember it's their duty.

Those of a sound mind will see the British/English monarchy as a self-serving, elitist, devious and undemocratic institute; the whole concept is alien to Welsh values, and we must resist it.

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