A Plundered Nation.

Published on 24 February 2022 at 16:27

A Plundered Nation.

Nation Cymru reports that a committee of Senedd Members has called for the devolution of the management of the Crown Estate and its assets in Wales.

W-R. Agreed, it’s about time that the looting of Cymru’s assets stopped.

They’ve called for the Welsh Government to set out its plans, including timescales, for devolving the estate which controls Wales’ seabed out to 12 nautical miles.

It is currently owned by the Queen, who gets 25% of the profits, with the rest going to the UK Treasury.

W-R. Again, we can’t disagree with this sensible proposal.

The committee believe that income derived from Welsh marine assets should be returned to Wales, so it can be spent on public policies that support the citizens of Wales and policies that help Wales achieve its net-zero targets.

W-R. I’m sure the majority of Welsh citizens would prefer that the Welsh Government tackle the lack of decent jobs and housing, with the extra income, rather than chasing net-zero targets.

Welsh Secretary (Colonial Governor) Simon Hart said: “The relationship that the Crown Estate enjoys with the UK Government, the Welsh Government and stakeholders works very well.”

W-R. Indeed, I bet it does Mr Hart, however, there is no benefit from this historical dodgy deal for Welsh citizens.

He added “I do not think there is any public interest or appetite for altering the terms of that arrangement.”

W-R. You’re talking colonial ‘balderdash’ Mr Hart. The lack of interest in altering the terms only comes from those who profit from the contract, such as the UK Government and stakeholders.

Welsh citizens receive no gain from the profit of Welsh assets, our entitled revenue is syphoned to a foreign nation and its monarchy. This travesty should be emphasised and challenged at every opportunity by concerned Welsh politicians. 

The shameful rape of our nation’s assets should not be allowed to continue.


It’s been reported that the value of the Crown Estate Wales’ renewable assets grew from £49.2m in 2020 to £549.1m in 2021.

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