The Poll Result.

Published on 27 October 2022 at 12:02

A recent poll suggested overwhelming support for forming a Welsh Nationalist Republican Movement; currently, Cymru has none. 

Here is the result: Would you support a Welsh Republican Movement? 

  • Yes, I would support it = 84.3%
  • No, it's not needed = 15.7%


The poll produced an encouraging result, but not surprising; the only surprise is why established Welsh nationalist parties are so reluctant to go down the republican path?


So should we give this a go and see if a credible republican movement can be established? "Nothing ventured, nothing gained." 


If an attempt is made, patience will be needed for the movement to develop; there are no immediate targets to reach and no primary goals to achieve, so there is no direct pressure on the venture.


The priority now is for supporters to spread the word and attract attention to the republican movement. If enough interest is shown, a crowd-funding page could be set up to fund the campaign. But first, let's see what happens with the amount of curiosity shown so far and if the enthusiasm will evolve into a serious commitment to the proposal. 


If you have constructive suggestions or want to get involved in the development of the movement, please get in touch via email at or DM on Twitter (Welsh-Republic). 





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