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Published on 23 October 2022 at 21:10

Cymru needs a Welsh republican grassroots movement, a political organisation that will voice its disgust for having an unelected British Head of State and promote the argument for a sovereign Welsh republic. For Welsh politicians to swear allegiance to a foreign King rather than its citizens is a betrayal of the people.

Wales' largest pro-independence parties, Plaid Cymru and Gwlad, both have a neutral position and propose a referendum after independence on the future status of the monarchy in Wales.

Fledgling party Propel does not hold a view on the monarchy or a future Head of State in an independent Wales.

The Wales Green Party is a semi-autonomous (region/subdivision) political party within the Green Party of England and Wales. They claim to support a Welsh republic if Wales becomes independent. The party also stated that they would support a referendum on Welsh independence.

That is a bold and patriotic claim by the Welsh Greens when you consider they recently voted down a chance to break away from their England & Wales regional title to become a solely Welsh political party.

The argument by political parties that a republic doesn't need to be an issue until after independence is short-sighted; a campaign for a republic needs to start now.

Almost 40,000 signatures supporting the call to end the "Prince of Wales" title on a recent petition indicate enough evidence that an organised republican movement is needed and would be supported by many.

Such a move could lead to a minor political party that could contest local elections where frustrated republicans could register their support, even if it's a protest vote against an unelected British monarchy as our Head of State and a foreign Prince of Cymru.

Recently, the British press reported Cymru is the most anti-monarchy nation in the UK; for us not to have an established republican movement is a national disgrace.


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David Smith
a month ago

I support this wholeheartedly. I've always held disdain for the Monarchy, but MournFest '22 and subsequent events quite simply beat any remaining goodwill I may have had towards the institution out of me.