The colonial shackles have been rattled.

Published on 10 October 2022 at 15:59


Welsh nationalist parties need to sever their tenuous links with the English monarchy by announcing their total support for a Welsh republic.


Most people will acknowledge that the monarchy is elitist, a money-making machine for a privileged family that resembles a modern-day mafia, guarded by a protected circle of powerful gofers paid for with titles. 


MPs have to swear allegiance to the Queen before they can take their seats; those wishing to join the Privy Council – a requirement for all cabinet ministers – have to do so in person, on bended knee, before the King himself, an embarrassing submissive palaver even for a minion. 

A Welsh MP's allegiance should be to Cymru and their Welsh constituents, not to a foreign corrupt privileged family. 


In an independent Cymru, we should be citizens rather than subjects to a foreign monarchy, so the case for a Welsh republic should be on the agenda now, not constantly being put on hold for another day. I don't understand how any Welsh nationalist would want to maintain links with England's monarchy, with its history riddled with evidence of greed and corruption.


Yes, some Welsh nationalists were reluctant to support a republican cause due to their respect for the Queen's loyal 70-year reign, an argument that I never understood. Her only loyalty was to the family business, or as her late husband called it, 'The Firm'. 

Let's remember that one of her final acts was to pay £12 million to a woman her grandson had never met - how very generous of her.


Now we have a King; his first act was to announce that Cymru has a new English Prince of Wales. There was no warning, no consultation, just an unwanted arrogant decree. 


It's time for a reset on the monarchy; recent polls show us that our youth do not favour the monarchy, and the majority of those people who are royalists are elderly, whose time and ideology will soon be gone.  


However, there are signs that attitudes are slowly changing in Cymru, led not by a political party but by Gwynedd County Council (READ HERE). 


Now is the time for all Welsh nationalist parties to nail their colours to the mast because they cannot advocate for a sovereign Cymru while being a loyal subject of a foreign monarchy - it's hypocritical.


So let's be bold and cut the septic umbilical cord to the English monarchy and seek a sovereign Welsh republic that will ensure a healthy future for our citizens, away from the trappings of a bygone age.  


End "Prince of Wales" title!

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