Here's some food for thought.

Published on 8 September 2022 at 12:53

Politicians should be in the game for the good of their community, not for personal profit or for using their position as a step up on the greasy political pole. Right?  In short, we need our political representatives to be of good standing, hardworking and honourable. 


You old fool! I hear you shout, that will never happen; you're living in a dream world.

You may be correct, but I'll give you my proposals anyway. So strap yourself in, you long-suffering citizens of Cymru; here are some controversial suggestions.


  •  Any person considering running for an election should be a resident of that contested constituency and be registered as a Welsh citizen before the election date. Read previous post on citizenship here.

This will ensure that those contesting will understand the issues of their targeted constituency and what is needed to rectify the problems, rather than having unknown career carpet beggars parachuted in.


  • The annual income for any politician should not exceed the average wage for their constituency. I would also suggest that politicians' yearly expenses do not exceed 25% of their annual salary.

This wage restraint will weed out those greedy, lazy, career politicians, those who care only about their personal wealth and political careers rather than the issues affecting their constituents.


The politicians' wage restriction will encourage them to seek inward investment and quality jobs, thus boosting the average wage that will include their income too. 

Here we have an incentive for politicians to get off their lazy rumps and get active.


Some people will think that the prospect of any of these ideas coming to fruition is unlikely.  We often think of unworkable ideas as a waste of time and effort. Although let's remember that many new ideas are often considered impracticable when conceived until they're nurtured, it then becomes viable.


We live in hope.



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