The Mamwlad (Homeland) Proposal.

Published on 30 August 2022 at 11:50


The Mamwlad (Homeland) Proposal.

Having citizenship status forms a bond between the citizen and the state, under which the citizen swears loyalty to state laws, with the state protecting its citizens in return.


Citizenship denotes a type of freedom that others who don't hold the status will forgo, such as certain rights and privileges. These come in the form of social, political, and civil rights.


Cymru will need citizenship status for its people in an independent Cymru. Here is a proposed preliminary document called MAMWLAD; the template written below is for the welfare of our nation and its people.


In an independent Welsh republic, citizenship would be voluntary (after ten years of residency for incomers with no criminal record); those who choose to take up Welsh citizenship will receive distinct advantages such as the following –


1. Only Welsh citizens can apply for social housing.


2. Only Welsh citizens will be entitled to free medical care and prescriptions.


3. Only a Welsh citizen residing in Cymru will be permitted ownership of a commercial property, including holiday/second homes. A 5% limit of holiday/second homes in any political ward will be mandatory.


4. Only Welsh citizens can register to vote in elections and referendums. Only Welsh citizens can be a candidate in elections. Only Welsh citizens can hold public office.


5. All Welsh natural resources will be owned and controlled by a sovereign Cymru for the benefit of its citizens.


6. Welsh land will not be sold to foreign businesses or owned by non-Welsh citizens.


7. Anglicised names of locations and buildings will be an offence. Our nation will only be known as Cymru.


8. Welsh history will be taught as a priority in our schools.




Those who apply for Welsh citizenship will be requested to attend a swearing-in ceremony at their local County Hall to pledge loyalty to Cymru and its laws and to respect and promote our history and culture.


Most of these proposals are not revolutionary as they exist in many sovereign states.

Welsh citizenship will be an antidote; it will strengthen our nation and save it from colonialism.


The Mamwled document is a preliminary list of proposals that will undoubtedly need amending in the future. Any constructive criticism or positive proposed amendments is welcome. Yma O Hyd! 






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