Weriniaeth is a Welsh nationalist republican movement, focusing its values on community, national identity, culture and independence. Weriniaeth rejects the foreign English/British monarchy and its colonial institutions and promotes the vision of a sovereign Welsh republic.


The movement's aim is to eventually become a political party in the coming year to contest local elections; it will be the only Republican Party in Cymru, and this will give republicans an opportunity to register their objection to the foreign monarchy and its influence in Cymru. However, Weriniaeth is not interested in contesting Westminster elections; we do not desire to be part of the British/English political system.


In the Welsh elections, for a successful candidate to take their seat in the Senedd, they must swear allegiance to a foreign King. As it stands, the Oath of Allegiance is a promise to be loyal to the British/English monarch and their heirs and successors. Currently, the oath is compulsory for members of the Scottish and Welsh Parliament; however, there is no requirement for members of the Northern Ireland Assembly to take an oath of allegiance.


Weriniaeth will campaign to change the submissive archaic pledge of loyalty to a foreign monarchy to the more appropriate oath of allegiance to Cymru and its citizens. Shifting sands - Click here!


We aim to promote an independent Welsh republic, where we would have an elected head of state, chosen by the people, a nation where all citizens would be equal in dignity and privileges. 


If any Welsh republicans agree with the principles of Weriniaeth and wish to get involved and help to shape the movement, please get in touch via the website. Also, visit our donation page for those who can help Weriniaeth finance the registration fee to become a political party (£150); any extra money received will go towards the website's upkeep and other administrative costs.

Another way supporters can help the movement is to publicise the values of Weriniaeth via social media platforms.


Diolch yn fawr iawn.


"The English monarchy crushed Cymru in its lust for power. Their mistake was thinking that we'll never rise again and reclaim what was ours."



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